Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hey folks,

  I am closing down Darkling Games whilst I recover from ill heath.  I just got out of hospital and have refunded all pending orders.  Get well me!

Monday, 4 January 2016

folks, I am officially back!

I have just finished setting up at The Arcade in Melbourne, and our webstore is back online.

Here is the final concept for Chaotic Crow-Things leader mini.  Crowangle has long been my most popular mini, outselling absolutely everything three times over.  So I thought I would kick off with his big brothers... a new faction of creepy crow things.

These chaps are just shy of human size, with optional wings, or backpack.  Along with the leader, I plan to give you a pack of modular Crow-Things warriors which you can mix and match parts to make a swarm of these critters.

Squark!  Kill the man-men!

The green for the leader is already underway.

I am midway through setting up a Patreon.  You will be able to become a Patron to get access to hand signed and numbered prints of all the new concept artwork and illustrations, discounts and access to limited edition variants.  Plus I will be auctioning off the actual original art for you to hang on your wall as part of my strange wanton urge to pay my rent and do this full time.  It's this crazy thing called 'being an artist'.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Hi all,

  I am back from hospital now and relocating to Melbourne!  The nice thing about this is I will be near to Eureka miniatures :0).

No orders can be filled for the time being due to no stock on shelves and no shelves to have stock on.  :)

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Shield sprue masters

Found them!  Well, looks like a couple got away... but once cleaned up these will be going into the mould and come out as lovely sprues.

Now I can go ahead and get these cast so I can finally release the Dwerg Series 2 Barrowguard minis- who accidentally got cast up without them during my illness.

The skull sprue will be redone so the sprue comes from the crown.

Today was all about getting back to where I left off when I fell sick.  A stocktake, hunting down greens and checking masters.  Tedious work, but the results have been great.

Oldhammer players may be pleased to know that to practically fill the mould I am having to sculpt even more metal shields variants with faces and greeblies on.

I am getting really excited by all this, and am itching to sculpt new stuff.  Thank science for estrogen implants!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Website progress

Looks like the new webstore will be ready quicker than we feared!  The old one was a huge roadblock for us as it did not allow us to easily add products... and we have a LOT of new products.  Actually, if you count paint (Coatd'arms) and bases (Renedra, hex and lipped) it is a LOOOOT of new products!  We have three big cartons of fantasy paint ready to sell.  I will start dipping into it soon myself :)

Spell Toads are cast, boxes arrived (hardcase VHS which are really good for storage and shipping) and packaging/marketing art in progress.

The only setback so far is the thieves at Australia Post want a ridiculous 72 bucks a year for their pricing plugin.  I will boycott it until they come to their senses.  At least the new store has weight/size categories, which is a big improvement.  Sadly, they are also putting shipping prices up, so we will have to follow suit.  They run at a profit, at the expense of all Australian business.

Oh, the new site allows for paid downloads, in other words PDFs.  That means Skulldred, Stardred and D'Undred, plus floorplans kiddies!  

I think it will be nice to put some tutorials up on the site for things like basing, painting and converting our minis.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Just a heads up, after my son is born (any day now) and we have some semblance of sleep happening, I will be releasing the backlog of unreleased minis.

Then to celebrate our return we will be launching a new range of much needed minis in the oldhammer community.

Laird McNastybeastie
Lady McNastybeasty
San Drangle, the lairds spearmaiden

Following from this I am pleased to announce our plans to do the following Kickstarter...

King's Madlanders boxed set:  A unit of classically scaled fantasy highlanders ready for drinkin' an fightin'.  Each model comes with a body and heed.  You also get a set of orc heed swaps to turn the unit into the laird's own kilted orcs... The Sassanorcs!  Yes.  Caber tossing included!

Excited?  I hope so.  :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Server back and other stuff

Well the server is back up.  Grab yer dungeon tile PDF!

Darkling was victim of server error '651:  (Laney has a million places to change her name and bank details but the brain capacity of a gnat)'.

If you have any issues with the PDF let me know, because this is the Skulldred test piece!